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The Executive has implemented a policy of strictly adhering to any deadlines set for ticket sales or ordering steaks for the BBQs. Once the set deadline has passed, there will be no exceptions for people to obtain a (more) ticket(s) or to order a steak for a BBQ.

Our events are publicized well in advance making it possible for one and all to have ample time to get their order in or buy their tickets.


The Club has instituted a policy of requiring members to show their membership card at any event that members get a reduced price. This includes ALL of our dances.


A reminder that all memberships expire at the end of March - you may pay your dues, which are $50.00 per year, at any of our dances.

Dues are no longer pro-rated (and haven't been for some time). This means that when you pay your dues, your membership is good until March 31st, even if you pay in December or January or February..any time between April 1st of one year and March 31st of the following year.

If you haven't paid your dues, you will have to pay guest prices at our dances.


Dress Code
The Club has a dress code that requires proper dress at our dances unless otherwise noted. This means no jean/denim type garments of any colour.

Dance Admission
Admission to all of our dances is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for guests unless otherwise specified.

We would greatly appreciate it if everyone would try to bring the correct change. It is getting more and more difficult for us to maintain a float large enough to change everyone's $20 and larger bills.

Alcoholic Beverages
It has been brought to the Club's attention that some people are bringing their own alcoholic beverages into the various venues that we rent to hold our dances. Not only is this illegal, it reflects badly on the 30 Plus Club. The venue that we rent from could lose their liquor licence over this illegal alcohol meaning that we could lose the venue for future events or worse. We ask that you please respect all involved and not bring any alcohol into our venues.

We do have security at our dances.

The door at our dances will only open at 8:30 PM.

Page Last Updated: December 23, 2018

December 2018


November 30th was the last date for this membership year to renew or apply for membership. No renewals or new applications will be accepted after this date! We will begin accepting renewals and new applications in March 2019!

December 31 - New Year's Eve Dinner and Dance


Where: The Hall @ St. Teresa's, 120 Mundy Pond Road (Wheelchair Accessible)
Dinner Served: 7:30 PM <-----NOTE start time!
Dance - Music Starts: 9:00 PM
NOTE: Due to the break at midnight to bring in the new year, the music will be extended to play until 1:00 AM for tonight only.
Cost - Dinner and Dance: $30.00 per Member / $50.00 per guest
Cost - Dance ONLY: $15.00 per Member / $25 per guest

Proper dress is required especially for this event, jeans/denim clothing of any colour are NOT permitted for the dinner or the dance that follows.

Please NOTE that this is a pre-sold event and we will NOT be selling tickets at the door. Ticket sales finish on December 23rd.


Dinner and Dance Tickets - available starting November 10th to all singles till no later than 5:00 PM December 23rd (OR UNTIL SOLD OUT, whichever comes first)

NOTE: There are a few DANCE ONLY tickets still available until the 28th.

Ticket Sellers
Pat Head                709-746-7512 (Blackmarsh Road near City Depot area)
Dave O'Dea           709-364-4817 (Kilbride area)
Paul Webster        709-699-4250 (Kilbride area)

Ticket numbers 128-150 inclusive have gone missing. Should you be approached by anyone selling 30 Plus tickets to our New Year's Dinner and Dance with any of these ticket numbers, please be advised that they will NOT be honoured as they have been fraudulently sold!

POSTED: December 23, 2018

January 2019

January 7 - Games Night resumes.
Where: Hotel Mount Pearl (Chateau Park)
Time: 7:30 PM

Games Night - Mondays
Where: Hotel Mount Pearl (Chateau Park)
Time: 7:30 PM Onward


Free Admission, plenty of parking, pool table, dart board - some games provided but feel free to bring your own game (crib, 120s, backgammon, checkers, scrabble, charades, etc. You get the idea!!!!!)

The bar is open, coffee is free!

All SINGLES welcome!

January 9 - Bowling resumes.
Where: Plaza Bowl, Ropewalk Lane
Time: 8:00 PM

January 12 - Dance
Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #1, Blackmarsh Road (Wheelchair Accessible)
Time: 9:00 PM - 12:30 AM

Bowling - Wednesdays (Weather permitting)
Where: PlazaBowl - Ropewalk Lane
Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: $8.00 - Shoe Rental Extra

January 26 - Dance
Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #1, Blackmarsh Road (Wheelchair Accessible)
Time: 9:00 PM - 12:30 AM

Other activities

Our walking season has come to a close for 2018.

Thank-you to all who joined us throughout the summer on these walks. We hope you enjoyed the walks and the camaraderie as well as the 'after-walk' gathering at Tims.

Look for our return to the walks in early June 2019.

Bowling RESUMES on Wednesday, September 12th and will continue every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm at the Plazabowl on Ropewalk Lane.

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Hope to see you all there!

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